Look out high speed train coming through!!!!!! Or not!!

I think bringing the high speed train to Milwaukee will be one of the biggest economical boost we have seen in a while. Not only would it create jobs but it would continue to make money for the long run. Who wouldn’t want to travel to new york in just a couple of hours? Imagine all the tourist who would come or stop through on there way to go some where else Summerfest would make more money and the casino would as well it would be Milwaukee gift to other states it would help boost every one economy. It seems like help was on the way until Scott Walker was elected he shut down the idea of a better Milwaukee. Due to him just taking office the plan has been stopped so walker can fix the roads and make a better  city but our financial problems will remain. So I ask you do you think Walker made the right decision or did he just put the nail in the coffin for Milwaukee?

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